Book Review

Photography Books & Fashion Magazines

Sometimes when I have a break from reading books, I tend to lean towards fashion magazines and photography books. I enjoy the articles that are in fashion magazines (well when you can find them between all the adverts of perfume and jewellery) These articles are interesting, thought-provoking and a great way to see a situation, a person etc through another’s eyes.

My favourites have always been Harpers Bazar, Vogue and Vanity Fair. I enjoy the fashion too, as someone who has to make sure her outfit matches and I mean every outfit, the different styles and items of clothing help inspire me to maybe try it for myself. Luckily I learned what goes well with my body type (kinda I guess I’m still working on it) and knows that sometimes you just gotta wear what you like others opinions be damned! In all Fashion magazines provide me with a great balance of visual thoughtful stimulus.

Now moving on to photography books, a bit of background I have a qualification in Photography BTEC Level 3 it’s an NVQ something or other I have never been good with that. I am happy that those two years taught me about film photography, lighting, movie making. I made friends although I don’t actually speak to them now… and also my first love which was unrequited (I fell in love with my young tutor okay, I said it I’m over it it’s been like 4 years so).

Those experiences taught me a lot but in the end I realised a couple of things, you can teach someone all the techniques in the world, how to set build, how to edit photos but what you can’t teach a natural eye. It’s an art form and most of the tutors I had, tore down everything that some people did when it hit me, ‘How can you say someones interpretation is wrong?’ you may not agree with it and not like a photo but at the end of the day it’s what they see.

Enough rambling back to photography books, due to having a lot of time surrounding myself in these books I grew to love them. With very little words and some history on the photo or the photographer I found them very interesting and enjoyable, again thought provoking.

To look through these photos and make my own stories up I enjoy as I do write a little every now and again but it al honesty I don’t have the confidence to post any of my writing yet. I admire those photographers that have brought their visions to life and continue to create works of art for themselves and others.  What else can I say? I mean upon re-reading this its clear that I have the same opinions on fashion magazines and photography books but instead of the articles making me think it’s the photos. Well I guess that’s what I was looking for!

Right that is my two penneith in for today, I have another job interview so I’m writing this earlier.

Have a good day or night everyone!



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