Book Review

1st Fairy Loot Box

I received my first Fairy Loot box the day after it was shipped and I must say I wish I knew about Lit boxes ages ago because I am so in love with this idea! They have so many to choose from or to have if you want more than one which apparently many people do! (I can’t as I have a house, bills and cats to think about before myself…) If I could I would have probably five or six to be honest and I would get my Mum to have some if she was still here as all big readers in this family! 

Now in this box they have a book, a couple of items that vary from scarves, candles, pillow cases and others bits and bobs, it truly is amazing. 

If you have money to spare I would defiantly recommend Fairy Loot as well as checking out the others boxes! 

That’s all I have for tonight as I need to be up early tomorrow, I’m hopefully picking up me new kitty! 

Good Night or Morning !


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