Hiyo I’m Becca

Very generic of a greeting but oh well.

Basically I started my other blog awomanofmanybooks.wordpress because I wanted a book blog to go along with my Instagram of the same name, but after a week I realised I didn’t like my instagram name and changed it to @becca_lightwood after The Mortal Instruments as I love those books. After a month I realised that I had turned awomanofmanybooks into more of a personal blog then a book blog, thus I have now created this ‘Cinderbecca’ after a nickname back from school.

Although my instagram name remains the same Becca_lightwood I don’t want to change that as I like it. Anyway that’s a little background for you.

Have a lovely day all!

Personal Blog: https://awomanofmanybooks.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @becca_lightwood

Twitter: @BeccaLightwood

Tumblr: http://rebecca-lightwood.tumblr.com/