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1st Fairy Loot Box

I received my first Fairy Loot box the day after it was shipped and I must say I wish I knew about Lit boxes ages ago because I am so in love with this idea! They have so many to choose from or to have if you want more than one which apparently many people do! (I can’t as I have a house, bills and cats to think about before myself…) If I could I would have probably five or six to be honest and I would get my Mum to have some if she was still here as all big readers in this family! 

Now in this box they have a book, a couple of items that vary from scarves, candles, pillow cases and others bits and bobs, it truly is amazing. 

If you have money to spare I would defiantly recommend Fairy Loot as well as checking out the others boxes! 

That’s all I have for tonight as I need to be up early tomorrow, I’m hopefully picking up me new kitty! 

Good Night or Morning !

Book Review

Photography Books & Fashion Magazines

Sometimes when I have a break from reading books, I tend to lean towards fashion magazines and photography books. I enjoy the articles that are in fashion magazines (well when you can find them between all the adverts of perfume and jewellery) These articles are interesting, thought-provoking and a great way to see a situation, a person etc through another’s eyes.

My favourites have always been Harpers Bazar, Vogue and Vanity Fair. I enjoy the fashion too, as someone who has to make sure her outfit matches and I mean every outfit, the different styles and items of clothing help inspire me to maybe try it for myself. Luckily I learned what goes well with my body type (kinda I guess I’m still working on it) and knows that sometimes you just gotta wear what you like others opinions be damned! In all Fashion magazines provide me with a great balance of visual thoughtful stimulus.

Now moving on to photography books, a bit of background I have a qualification in Photography BTEC Level 3 it’s an NVQ something or other I have never been good with that. I am happy that those two years taught me about film photography, lighting, movie making. I made friends although I don’t actually speak to them now… and also my first love which was unrequited (I fell in love with my young tutor okay, I said it I’m over it it’s been like 4 years so).

Those experiences taught me a lot but in the end I realised a couple of things, you can teach someone all the techniques in the world, how to set build, how to edit photos but what you can’t teach a natural eye. It’s an art form and most of the tutors I had, tore down everything that some people did when it hit me, ‘How can you say someones interpretation is wrong?’ you may not agree with it and not like a photo but at the end of the day it’s what they see.

Enough rambling back to photography books, due to having a lot of time surrounding myself in these books I grew to love them. With very little words and some history on the photo or the photographer I found them very interesting and enjoyable, again thought provoking.

To look through these photos and make my own stories up I enjoy as I do write a little every now and again but it al honesty I don’t have the confidence to post any of my writing yet. I admire those photographers that have brought their visions to life and continue to create works of art for themselves and others.  What else can I say? I mean upon re-reading this its clear that I have the same opinions on fashion magazines and photography books but instead of the articles making me think it’s the photos. Well I guess that’s what I was looking for!

Right that is my two penneith in for today, I have another job interview so I’m writing this earlier.

Have a good day or night everyone!


Book Review

The Mortal Instruments;City of Lost Souls

I started this back in February and I still haven’t finished it… Not because I find it boring I love this series but I have had a book splurge, where I read five books in the space of three weeks and when that happens I can’t find myself to pick up a book and read for a while. At the moment I think I have four books on the go and a sample of a book also. 

This universe I do adore and frankly I feel a little bit stalked by this series in all honesty. 

Back in 2007 or 2008 I was in the library with my Dad and as I was also reading books above my 12 years, I saw a book standing out with a half-naked guy on and the title ‘City of Bones’ I thought it looked very interesting and read the back but because it had a shirtless guy on the front I felt a bit embarrassed (I was a 12-year-old girl with her father at the time okay..) Anyway I left it and didn’t think anything of it, I would keep seeing this book every time I went to the library and then when we stopped going I saw the film come out back in 2014 (I can’t remember when the film actually came out) from there I fell in love with the film and read the first and second books but it wasn’t until this year that I picked the books up again and started watching the tv series. 

I can see why I fell in love with the story. The plot is good and the characters are diverse as well as highlighting the darkest and lightest points of people’s personalities. I haven’t read the lat book but have heard some spoilers of it and in all honesty it’s a book. In it people have made mentions of bits that are ‘creepy and wrong’ but it happens sometimes in the world its horrible but true. (I would also like to say to those people read the true stories of child abuse and all those ‘true story’ books that’s sick and disgusting) 

Anyway so far I am enjoying this book, the only thing I don’t like very much is how much Magnus and Alec argue in it every conversation its picky and unkind, not a healthy relationship however i can understand it. Here is a young man with his first love pretty much and he has fallen in love with someone centuries old, multiple lovers and experience of course he will fill inadequate and with all that he has had to deal with yes he is going to feel insecure and lash out. Doesn’t everyone when they have their first ‘real’ partner? Alec is a bit of a dick yes. but at the end of the day it’s about talking to the person and listening which is hard for people to learn. 

I still love the book though… Whelp that’s what I think! 

Have a lovely day or night!