I don’t deserve to call myself a blogger.

I mean I haven’t blogged for a while now even though I haven’t had that much to do. Today I spent working on the flower bed I am making in my front garden and let me tell you , it’s harder than I expected.

Anyway on to the actual blog post. I have started a fanficiton story which I kinda regret because I haven’t written anything for 8 years and probably suck, I am actually good at writing but this just seems completely different. I’m on Archive of Our own by the same so if you want to have a gander you are more than welcome. So far it’s only the prologue and im currently writing the first Chapter (which I was doing before I just got distracted by one of my cats and then here I am)

Well I better finish this post for today and try to finish this chapter!

Have a good day or night!